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Gavin News also reported on Sunday that the list of candidates for the Sept. 14 election was posted on the California Department of State website and that no political analyst, radio personality, or late candidate had been named. I stated that this was not the final list, and that no information was displayed on the included Web, but that if things were not adequately corrected, it could indicate the end of the campaign.

As Larry Elder called it, we soon found out why the Democrats were “hen nanigans.” Newcomer-based CA Cessie of State Shirley Weber decided that she would not be eligible for the Senior Tax Return. Although the news that I will not vote is already being aired on Saturday night, Weber sent a letter to the campaign on Sunday afternoon!

Did I mention Shirley Weber was appointed? Her activities are a reflection of the Geto masters auction. The elder called him on Twitter last Monday.

Shortly thereafter, they shared with the media the letter from my campaign manager. Our lawyers tell us that there is not a single competitor who has never competed in the tax return on income tax returns.

The California Globe He confirmed this with his lawyer, Mark Mayuzer. Weber also reports that Weber does not have the authority to exclude an elder from voting.

California Secretary of State Shirley Weber has released the official list of 41 candidates for the September 14 memorial election. It was found in its absence Larry ElderHis name is Glob Reported Monday.

Author Weber spoke to Globe Election Lawyer Mark Meusser about a letter he received from Larry Elder. Meuser mentioned California Elections Code 8903, Part (b); The tax return stipulates that the foreign minister can prepare a new version of the tax return only with the fees approved by that sub-section, but cannot exclude a candidate.

The elder continued to outline the facts confirmed by Meuser and concluded his thread:

If the Foreign Minister’s decision does not change, we will see them in court. – Larry Elder

The elder went to court and the judge on Wednesday did not ask the elder to file a tax return in the first place, because the law used by the state legislature to exclude him applies only to the general election. Remember this special ad choice.

But I’m sure our secular state knew this. My colleague Brandon Morse wrote that when he heard that the elder had defeated the Shenigans.

The inclusion of the elder in the race will be a source of concern for Democrats seeking to maintain their power in the region. Being a Republican is a major step forward for voters in the election, and it will put Democrats on their feet more than ever.

So about the elder’s struggle to get elected: was it a Republican thing, an incompetent thing or a racial issue?

Lavar Speaker went there and played the card.

Others floated this opportunity

In the case of an elder, it may be a combination of the three. The Democratic Party is based on racism and continues to be racist. Want to talk about subtle discrimination? Blacks are not far from being abducted in that party, but they are rarely influenced. And once blacks are used to achieve a goal (The first black president, “Check it out!”), Like locusts, they move on to the next fertile field (see, Spaniards and Asians).

Then you have a tired eye on how the Democratic Party treats black conservatives and Republicans as human and racial apostates. The old man made a film about that Uncle Tom, And to hear stories from me, Jeff Charles, Kira Davis, Christopher Arps, and others; So there is no need to make that point.

The elder’s decision to withdraw from the California Riley election may have been a small thing in his mind. Democrats seemed unprepared to push the elder, and he may have done the opposite.

There is a lot of interest in this memorial election right now, and if there is a more absurd talk now, they have a bigger media, public relations and a candidate with a legal basis. And you know there will be less than 55 days until the September 14 election.

Another attractive black candidate, Major Williams, was also involved in what he described as a riot. Williams He has been running for governor of California since early 2021, and has garnered numerous social media accounts and campaign funds. Therefore, his name was also a surprise to his followers, who voted for him.

There are many speculations and questions about the campaign, and these have increased since the election. Williams responded with a realistic Facebook post:

He also posted this video Instagram, Partially spoken

As a candidate, it is my job to get the right people around me to do what they are paid to do. In this case, my manager did not do what he was supposed to do.

Williams made a story about how all of his accounts were closed, and how this administrator did not provide the necessary documents to keep his name on the Sept. 14 ballot.

Williams is accusing his campaigners of recruiting his followers to run for office.

Williams put on his campaign boots, and he really connected with people. So many comments on Facebook and Instagram posts were in support and encouragement of him to continue the struggle.

Then there are those like Twitter Response and others like Facebook Followers.

With so many others at the polling station, who are not really, this makes me feel vulnerable. Elder: I understand that the tax return is incomplete. But a week ago, he entered the race and was clearly in the race. How can a candidate who has been in a diary since the first day fail to meet the requirements to get an election? I ask someone who really supported this campaign (once). Applying for any other job and applying for an incomplete resume and then getting frustrated at an unscheduled appointment. Accountable people! This has nothing to do with “evil”, and the lack of understanding of timelines and the need for a complete presentation.

And you are there.

Louis Pastor It is said that “Fortune supports the prepared mind.”

Cunning, racist tendencies, or simply Tomil’s accommodations, the ready mind and the real candidate will win them over. The elder reached a high point and received overwhelming support for the campaign and the California Politician / Emerson Choice Even he has it in him; But now is not the time to be good. If the elder is not ready and starts thinking about 10 steps in the future, the next controversy may be to strengthen his or her candidacy.

He is already too late for Williams.

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